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  ICON Applications of XPS Foam Board


• Inversion roofing
• Armor plate roofing insulation
• Walling insulation
• Floor aids
• Advertising displays, signs & decorative raw material
• Interior wall insulation applications
• Roofing insulation
• Foundation insulation
• Insulation under roads/railways/airport runways to prevent permafrost from melting during the summer
• Waterproof protection
• Support for tile installation
• Home and industrial applications
• Refrigerated trucks for roads and rails
• Laminating industries
• Concrete Deck/Ballasted Waterproofing
• Exterior Insulation an Finish System
• Masonry Cavity Wall
• Steel stud/Brick Veneer Walls
• Concrete Wall Forming Systems
• Wood Stud Walls
• Exterior Foundation Walls
• Interior Foundation Walls
• Under Floor Slabs
• Tanks and pools insulation
• Industrial freezers and cold rooms

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  ICON  XPS board
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