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  ICON Technical Highlights

Screw and Barrel

The PTSTM series of XPS extrusion lines (one single-screw extruder for compounding and a second single-screw extruder for cooling) unites proven technology with an exceptionally sturdy screw and barrel design. The PTSTM extruder combination offers an optimum cost-effective solution for stable throughput rates between 250 and 600kg/h.
Slot Die(Model: PSD300)

With years of research and practice, came the PLASTECH slot die which played a quite key role as a part of extrusion line, the flow channel was specially designed proved verysuccessful and stable after long-term experience, which you can rely on all the time.

Screen Exchanger(Model: PSC120A)

It's designed with advanced stable multi-mesh technology enable non-stop exchange of mesh.
Flow channel properly designed to avoid over-heating polymer. Automatic control system is reliable and easy for operation.

Technical data         Motor: 2.2KW          
Heating power: 3.2KWX2
Oil hydraulic driven       Fore and post pressure sensor included
Non-stop design
Stable temperature control
Low noise
Stable pressure control No leakage of polymer

Static Mixing Device
Made of tubes with produced internal modules,high heat transfer coefficient,simple process,compact construction,low energy consumption,low investment,flexible operation,no maintenance and good mixed performance.

Intelligent Automation Control

To guarantee the precise temperature control and intelligent on-line diagnostic with modular design enables operation very easy, and make it possible to easily expend the control functions.

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